Deerfield Community Park

Deerfield Course Status - 05.21.2015

This was the second of four task force meetings set to resolve the community issues with the Deerfield Disc Golf Course.  I attended as a visitor on 05.21.2015.


Attending: Darin Loughrey,  Melissa Fox,  Phillip Benguhe,  Larry Levenstone,  Linda Tara

Guests: Doug Jacobs

1) Agenda item: Course Design

  • Available task force members (and myself) will do a preliminary re-design at Deerfield, trying to eliminate the problematic areas and making the course a putter only course
      • putters are softer and will do less damage to people and property
      • putters throws are less likely to go astray
      • converting all holes to putter length holes will remove the need for drivers
      • ultimately this course will be an executive (putter) only course for beginner level play. Intermediate and advanced play will be moved to the new 18-hole course that will come out of this effort.
      • move tees toward street, so DGers are throwing away form the houses
  • Measurements - how are we doing?
      • need a baseline questionnaire to the local residents and park users on perceptions today (before the changes).  Can use Deerfield Village Voice to communicate
      • Visibility of changes to DG players can be done on web site
      • follow-up with same questions after the changes have been made and some amount of time has passed.

2) Agenda item: Negative behaviors and inspiring proper conduct

      • require registration at the community center office before play (during office hours) - will help us understand where players are coming from to play here. All residents? More "other city" players?  Will give us a nice view into the usability of the new course.
      • Leave a sign-in sheet for when the office is closed
      • discontinue night play - the park closes at 10:00 PM, no one should be in the park after 10.  Issues with park usage after 10 PM are to be brought to the attention of the police (no matter who is using the park - disc golfers or otherwise)
      • staff must be trained on new rules and how to tell if people are playing the course correctly
      • install new (and clear/professional) signage on hole #1 to advise players of the "house rules" for Irvine Disc Golf
          • includes damage liability waiver - DG players will be held responsible for all damage caused by discs to people or property. By playing, you accept this waiver.
      • improve signage throughout the course (both for DG players and for visitors)

3) agenda item: re-establishing disc golf as an attraction amenity

  • Discussion of the alternate sites included the realization that the suggested sites would not allow for a 9-hole course without some of the same issues we are trying to avoid in Deerfield.
  • Hoepner park seemed to be the best choice due to the easement behind the park, between the train tracks and the homes.  
      • Would need to be very careful in course design so we do not have discs in peoples back yards, or going over the fence to the tracks.
      • There is a bike path here as well, how much is it used. Some walk-around survey deemed not used at all on weekends or during the day. Some task members noted that they had seen cyclists using it (infrequently) but since this was a wide open space, disc golfers could easily see them.
  • Additional alternate courses were suggested, outside of the scope of the irvine parks, including areas on IVC campus, water drainage locations and undeveloped housing land.  While these are not under the Committees perview, the questions can be asked to have additional research done.



Deerfield Course Status - 05.19.2015

I attended the first Deerfield Disc Golf Task Force meeting (as a visitor, as I was not selected to sit on the task force) on 05.14.2015.  What follows are some notes I took and my follow-up actions.

Initial Task Force meeting (05.14.2015) notes:

Attended: Darrin Loughrey (CS Superintendant), Bonny (resource mgr), Phillip Benguhe, Connie Moise, Linda Taira, Larry Levenstone


Distributed: agenda, list of candidate parks

  • Introductions/ viewpoints
  • Determine meeting schedule - Deerfield community center on Thursdays for the next few weeks (21, 28, june 4)
  • Discussion - interim disc golf places (handout).  Agreed that staff accessable is not a concern for disc golfers.
  • Discussion - permanent site (deferred too future meeting)
  • Making deerfield safer (brainstorming) - shorten the holes (executive course); more prominent signs for dg rules; training for park employees; better signage for pedestrians; elimination of holes where troubles occur; register before you play/ wristband (includes rules and a signature to obey the rules)
  • How do we measure if changes are working? - resident surveys. Need to take one before we make changes to get a baseline


Next week:


  • Prioritize safety list for deerfield
  • Review feedback of alternate courses
  • Review "driverless" option previously discussed


[05.18.2015] Even though I am not on the task force, I visited a few of the more likely candidate locations for an interim course and made the following notes:

Hoepner park


  • 1 side train tracks + bike path
  • Unused area behind houses (4 holes)
  • 2 holes after kids playground
  • 1 hole (par 3) next to tennis court
  • 2 holes top of baseball along tennis fence


Oak Creek


  • Easment is only viable location for baskets (4 boring holes)
  • Step of trees between easment and road unusable due to proximity to street
  • Maybe a 3 par teeing off from kids playground, but maybe to close to baseball and street


Sweet Shade


  • Putting citcle between clubhouse and kids playground
  • Large open field (3-4 holes), probably used for soccer practice and games
  • Par 3 near street




  • Large open field (5 holes) shared with soccer field
  • area behind child's play ground has room for one hole


Misc. Notes


  • Any area at ivc? Wooded area Jeffrey and Barranca as example
  • what about home building areas that are not slated to build for 5 to 10 years
    • Orchard Hills/ Portola
    • Bee canyon / Portola - either side of the Freeway

Future Task Force meetings have been set and are public meetings.  I would encourage you to attend to show your support and to help provide ideas for the Task Force.  All meetings will be held at Deerfield Community Center:

  • Thursday, May 21 @ 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, May 28 @ 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, June 4 @ 6:30 PM

Community Services Commission Meeting

Deerfield players,

I have just returned from the Community Services Commission Meeting where we discussed the future of the Deerfield Community Park disc golf course. Here is my understanding of what occurred and what decisions were made.  If you have any follow-up questions, or would like to know how to contribute, please contact me at doug at

Meeting notes:

  • There were over 40 people in attendance + 5 city commissioners.
  • Brief history of the park and course was provided, including the 2008 redesign.  There was recognition that a lot of work went into developing a safer course.
  • Approximately 6 people spoke to close the disc golf park citing how they were hit, their dogs were hit or how they were nearly hit by discs.  Additionally one resident brought pictures showing damage to his property and to vehicles.  The largest concern was the potential that someone would be seriously injured.
  • Approximately 12 people, including several local residents, spoke to keep the disc golf park citing family environment (all ages of players), casual play, exercise, giving the teenagers something to do besides get into trouble, lack of courses in Orange County, giving a purpose to the unused field areas of the park, increased usage of the park, etc.
  • Some of the commission feedback included questions around the injury statistics and comparing them to other amenities over the course of the last 5 years, discussion on banning "driver" discs due to their long flight path and how that would be enforceable (tabled till March meeting and more information can be gathered), the need for commission members to go out and survey the course for themselves and maybe play a round to understand both sides of the issue, the need to have a solution before considering shutting down Deerfield, conceptual places that might be used for short- or long-term relocation.

Next Steps:

  • Commission recommended a task force be established, composed of concerned residents and disc golfers alike, to accomplish the following tasks; recommendations on how to improve the safety of the Deerfield Disc Golf course; Review other successful courses located in busy park-like areas; and find a location for an interim 9-hole course.  Secondarily the task force will identify a location for a permanent 18-hole professional length course.

I have added my name into the hat to be on the task force, but if I am not selected, I will receive email updates form the task force which I can pass along here.

Deerfield course in jeopardy!!!

If you play disc golf at the Deerfield Community Disc Golf course in Irvine, YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED!

On April 15th, 2015, The City of Irvine Community Services Commission will meet at 5:30 PM to "discuss and hear resident concerns regarding disc golf play at Deerfield Community Park". Reminiscent of when they tried to shut down the course in 2008, the disc golf community needs to once again band together and show a united front to fight for our course!

We encourage anyone who has played on the Deerfield Community park course to come and voice your opinions on how much you love the sport and the course.

Public Notice Details <- click here for more information

Changes to Deerfield's Course - holes 4 & 5

Hole 4 & 5 have been impacted by a recent change to the course layout.


Pin #4 has been pulled closer to the tee, and is now in the center of the driving lane, instead of sheltered in between the trees near tee #5.  In addition, tee #5 has been moved closer to pin #5, look for the newly relocated cement trash can and tee sign.  This move takes the first copse of trees out of the flight path.  I suspect this was done because of the close proximity of hole #4 and tee #5.

New Hole 4 Layout New Hole 5 Layout