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RIP: Tim Selinske

A sad time for disc golfers everywhere.


Tim Selinske, one of the four founding partners of Innova - Champion Discs, passed away on August 14th, 2009 after a long battle with Langerhans' Cell Histiocytosis.


I had the pleasure to work with Tim in re-designing the Deerfield Community Park disc golf course.  His dedication to the progression of disc golf as a sport was insurmountable.  He was able to find the positives in any situation, and he was a critical piece in the re-design effort.  Tim was also just a fun and nice person!  It was a joy to talk about his experiences and he was always genuinely interested in what we were doing or working on.  Tim will be missed, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family!


Tim's services will be held Saturday the 22nd at 11am @ Covina Methodist Church.  The address is 437 W. San Bernardino Rd Covina, CA 91723.  His family has asked that any flowers be sent to the church.

Orange County Register features Disc Golf

Erika Chavez of the Orange County Register came out to University Community park to interview several disc golfers about the recent events and the sport of disc golf.  You can find her article and several pictures on the OCRegister site.

Thank you OC Register for keeping the community informed!

Community Services Commission - January 20th meeting

The Community Services Commission met on January 20th at 5:50 PM PST in the City of Irvine council chambers.

The agenda included the review of the final Risk Report on disc golf as an ammenity at City of Irvine parks and discussions around the items we had been assigned to accomplish in the December meeting.

The Council reviewed the co-authored (by City of Irvine staff and members of the IDGC course redesign committee) disc golf course design criteria and approved them for official use for red-level (casual play) course design.

Additionally, the Deerfield 9-hole short-term course redesign was presented to the Council for their approval.  The course redesign met the previously approved criteria and the Council voted unanimously for construction to begin.  City staff expressed the desire to begin the ordering process immediatly and expected the course to take 2-3 months to complete.

The Council asked that we continue to work on the mid-term and long-term goals previously set out for us.


The following documents were presented:

Request for Commission Action

City of Irvine Disc Golf Course Review Checklist

Deerfield Community Park - Investigation & Analysis Report

University Community Park - Investigation & Analysis Report

Community Services Commission - December 3rd meeting

The Community Services Commission met on December 3rd at 5:50 PM PST in the City of Irvine council chambers.

The agenda included the discussion around the results of the staff report and recommendations of the future of all disc golf courses in Irvine. The recommendation was to suspend course play until the risk assessment report was fully completed.

With a showing of approximately 30 disc golf supporters, many stood and spoke for the support of disc golf in the Irvine parks.  Personal testimony of the benefits of disc golf and our aim of safety had a positive overall impact on the Commission. Additionally, a representative from Innova Disc Golf attended, presented his case for keeping the disc golf courses and offered his services (gratis) to re-designing the courses for safety and asthetics. The Commission agreed they wanted the course re-opened as soon as possible and asked for 3 levels of effort:

* Short-term: Determine what minimal efforts can be accomplished (with minor budget) to re-open the course.  These include minor tweaks to make the course safer.
* Medium-term: The Commission would like to budget a full course redesign for both Deerfield and University parks for the following year.
* Long-term: The Commission was interested in our thoughts on where else they may be able to consider adding a disc golf course in the future (existing and developing parks)

While the Commission voted unanimously to keep the motion of suspending disc golf play on the Deerfield Community Park course until the January CSC meeting, they did add a stipulation that the park staff was to work with local disc golf enthusiasts to find short-term workarounds for holes considered risky.  A group of players met on the course to evaluate possible"tweaks" and worked with the Innova representative for recommended suggestions. The Innova representative will be meeting with and working directly with the park architectural firm for resolution.