Deerfield Community Park - Status 12.2008

We met with the Irvine Community Services Commission on 01.21.09 to discuss the guidelines for disc golf in Irvine parks and the 9-hole course layout we have been working on since the initial November meeting. The Commission voted unanimously to approve the new guidelines for red level (casual play) course design and approved immediate work and budget on the construction of the Deerfield interim course.  This is a huge win for disc golfers in Irvine!  Special thanks to everyone who worked so hard in attending the Commission meetings, coming up with realistic design guidelines and helping with the physical course redesign effort.

Special thanks goes out to Tim Selinske of Innova Discs for his time and effort in every aspect of this issue.  He was the main contact for course development guidelines, he designed a 9-hole course which met those guidelines and he attended the Commission and other preparation meetings. The Irvine Disc Golf Club and all disc golfers in the Irvine area thank you Tim, from the bottom of our hearts!

Current status: suspended play until the new approved 9-hole coure can be constructed (estimated in late March 2009)