About the Irvine Disc Golf Club

Thank you for visiting the Irvine Disc Golf Club web site.  Through this web site we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Provide a central location for local disc golf news and tournaments
  • Provide course maps for your convenience
  • Provide information, as we get it, on our effort to have a tournament level course at the Great Park


When the site was first created, a large number of the disc golf community in Irvine banded together to help accomplish the following:

  • To stop the closure of the Deerfield Park and University Park disc golf courses
  • Communication of the state of disc golf courses in Irvine (current and future)
  • To provide the city of Irvine with metrics on the usage of the disc golf courses available (local players and players who travel out of city to play)
  • To provide a moderated forum for players and non-players to discuss disc golf
  • Develop a formal disc golf club organization and elicit membership

Site registration and forums are no longer available due to inactivity.

Club membership was never opened as we lacked a leader to coordinate the creation of the official club.