Deerfield Community Park - OPEN

Course status: OPEN !!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Irvine disc golf community.  All of the hard work has paid off and the long awaited day has finally arrived!  The short-term Deerfield Community Park disc golf course is open for general play.

As a reminder, please show proper ettiquette while out on the course.  This means:

  • Play the new redesigned course. The old course is closed for what we all agree are good reasons
  • Wait to throw or skip the hole if there is someone in or near your flight path
  • No open container or narcotics in the park

We struggled hard to get a course put back into Deerfield and if there is abuse of the rules of the city/park or a bad image placed upon disc golfers, the course can be withdrawn by the city.  Please encourage/educate others that you see in violation of good ettiquette about the consequences of their actions.

Thank you for your continued support!  The course looks and plays great!

 - Doug