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Irvine Course Status - 05.2011

Status of Irvine Disc Golf Course:

1) Deerfield Community Park (9-holes): OPEN for play

2) University of California Irvine (UCI): OPEN for play

3) University Community Park: CLOSED permanently


Well, here we are more than 18 months after the Deerfield course redesign and grand re-opening and the course is even more popular than before the closure.  We are seeing all ranges and skill levels of players from pros to casual throwers and the most important things: it's safer and everyone is having fun!


The Irvine disc golf community has been waiting patiently for the City of Irvine to bring up the vote to make the Deerfield course a permanent amenity, but as of today, we are not yet slated to be on the agenda any time soon.


Some dissapointing news to announce related to the University Community Park course.  After construction began and the remodel fully realized, there will be no room to add a 9-hole course back into the park while adhearing to the disc golf course standards that were developed for Deerfield.


As we get more information, we will be sure to pass it along here.


Fly True!


- Doug